It's A...Baby


It's a BOY!!!!!!!

Yep a stinking boy but I'm happy, dads happy, even the girls are happy. This is my first boy and I knew it was. Everything about this pregnancy has felt so DIFFERENT!

With this baby, I truly didn't know I was pregnant. I felt weird all the time. Extremely moody. Very nauseated and on the verge of passing out but I thought nothing of it...until I was borderline forced into taking a test. Read more about that here.



We discovered this news in a very bittersweet way. I had a mild bleed and cramping after my little Target run and I called my doctors office. They saw me the following morning and as the ultrasound tech was doing my scan my little man wanted to do a roll with his legs open and BOOM! The tech was like do you want to know what you're having. I laughed and said "Even if I didn't I think I know now." We laughed and she agreed that's definetely a boy! 

Life for us has been a little scary after receiving our placenta previa diagnosis. Nonetheless, we are doing well! Fingers crossed the placenta moves! 

Nevertheless, all is well in my soul!


Looking for a fun way to tell your kids?

While searching Pinterest I found the coolest idea ever! Water gun painting!


1. Water guns

2. Foam Board or Canvas

3.  Acrylic Paint

4. Water (freebie, use the sink)

5. Sharpie

6. Stencils (optional) 



1. Take your board or canvas and decide if you want to write or stencil the words  "It's A..." or some other saying. 

2. Fill your water guns with paint and water mix. 2/3 paint and 1/3 water. (make sure the kids aren't around when you do this.

3. Shake up your water gun. Test it out in the sink to make sure it's the color you want.

4. Head outside in the grass and lean your board against a tree. 

5. Count to 3 and let your child shoot the water gun! 

6. Share with family and friends!

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My oldest decided she wanted to great a box for the gender reveal as well and this is what we got! I made the shirt and I think it turned out quite well! 


How I'm handing being Plus Size and Pregnant

Photo by: Denise Benson Photography 

Photo by: Denise Benson Photography 

Being a plus sized woman in America is hard especially when you see women paraded on television that look nothing like you. Even the plus size models have a particular shape. It’s usually the coke bottle, pear shape and ya girl here doesn’t have it! I’ve struggled to fit into the typical plus size world because I’m not super curvy and I would get dirty looks shopping in plus sizes stores. On more than one occasion the sales associate told me she thought I was lost. 😒

I’ve been plus sized for most of my life. It didn’t really hit me that being plus sized and pregnant mattered…not until I got my paperwork at check from my doctor. They gave me a cute little sheet that had my weight, height, how much I have loss or gained (I lost weight by the way) and my BMI. IT WAS 34! I’m considered obese. My doctor hasn’t harped on me about losing but she has encouraged me to move – start walking for 5 minutes a day just to get the blood flowing. And honestly, I’m not mad. She has treated me like a human – which is all I want. I know I weigh more than I should but I don't need to be reminded of that every time I go to the doctor.

What being plus size and pregnant means to me is still being able to be fabulous and pregnant? I can do any and everything every other woman can do. I WILL take those maternity photos. I WILL share my growing belly. I WILL give in to my cravings and I will enjoy this pregnancy!


I believe pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time. I'm determined to do that. I move when my body says move and I rest when my body tells me to. Understanding what's best for you and baby is the best thing you can do while pregnant!

What are or were your biggest fears during pregnancy?