Shopping Made Easy With Binxy Baby

I swear new inventions are being created every day and who knew someone would come up with something so cool! I remember being a new mom struggling to figure out what to do when going to the grocery store. My first time as a new mom, I went to Walmart on a quick shopping trip and decided to take the stroller inside thinking it would be a fabulous idea. Haha, boy was I wrong. That was the worst idea I have ever had. I was putting my items in the bottom of the stroller and I started getting dirty looks, I’m sure people thought I was stealing so I grabbed a cart.

Pushing a stroller and shopping cart is not for the faint of heart. Learn from my mistake, don’t try it! Next grocery trip, I decided to ditch the stroller and just take the car seat…well it worked out better but you’re limited on spaced when baby is placed in the cart.


Well Binxy Baby had the right idea! They help make shopping trips easier! Clip the hammock to your shopping cart and place either the car seat or baby inside. The hammock can safely hold up to 50 pounds!

I’ve had the opportunity to try the product out for myself and I love it! This makes things so much easier. If you’re interested in getting one for yourself click here and you’ll receive 10% off!

Freely Nat x Binxy Baby

Welcome Home Baby Clayton

I’m back!!! Thank you for joining me for this special post that I thought would never come, lol.

My birth story!!!


I will be the first to tell you that giving birth almost NEVER goes the way you hope for it to. Sorry, it just doesn’t and my story isn’t any different. FYI: I had plans on being a total diva going into surgery and that didn’t get to happen.

Tuesday, January 15th I arrived at work with a positive outlook on the day knowing I only had one day left and I would start my leave. I was scheduled for my 38 week check at 10:00 am so I left work and headed to the doctors office. I told my boss I would see her later and hurried to my car.

After checking in, the nurse checks my blood pressure and ask if I’m okay. I’m like yeah, I’m having a great day. Her face was extremely perplexed and she said I’m going to let you chill out and I’ll be back to check you. She came back and my blood pressure went up some more.

My doctor came in and we began discussing my upcoming cesarean and then before she left she asked was I busy for the rest of the day. I told her I could clear my schedule. She said I’m sending you to the hospital I don’t like the way your blood pressure is acting and I would like to monitor you for a few hours. I took a deep breath and said okay. Not knowing this would be the day I would see my little guy.

I quickly call my mom to let her know and followed up with a call to dad. Of course this would be the one day he decides to fall all the way asleep after work. (Thank you night shift!) I begin to panic a little because he’s two hours away and if anything were to happen he was going to miss his son’s birth.

Well of course, the inevitable happened. My blood pressure continued to sky rocket hitting 161/200 and they knew it was time to deliver. They didn’t want to continue to take any chances with me. They told me I would be going back for surgery at 3:00 pm mind you at this time it’s 1:00 pm.

I can’t accurately describe what I felt in that moment. I was alone and scared out of my mind. My mom and sister did their best to keep me calm over FaceTime until someone could get to the hospital with me. I hadn’t talked to dad and I knew he was going to miss it. I began calling everyone I knew that could possibly go by his house to wake him up. Luckily something clicked and he woke up but not in time. He called me and we exchanged our sweet what-nots and I went back for surgery.

As they prepped me for surgery all I could think about was - I’m really doing this. I’m having a baby today. This is not how I wanted it to go. This was not apart of MY PLAN but God always has a plan and sometimes it’s not aligned with ours. They asked me several times was I sure I wanted to have my tubal done and there was no doubt in my mind. They even tried to stall for few moments in hopes dad would walk through the door at any second

3:30 pm - He’s here

I was knocked out cold so I didn’t get to hear his first cry but my mom says it was everything! He truly has a set of lungs on him.

Clayton RM
Clayton Middleton
Newborn Clayton

When I entered the recovery room I really don’t remember much. I think I was pretty medicated. The anesthesiologist told me he would try a new medicine on me to keep me numb and I shouldn’t feel any pain from the surgery for at least 2-3 days.

I finally came to life and dad had arrived!!! I was so happy and hoped that he didn’t miss the big moment. Seeing the look on his face made it all worth it!


I would like to give a quick disclaimer, having a c-section is major surgery! You need to allow your body to heal and make sure you’re doing what your body needs of you. Also trust yourself, you know yourself better than anyone and I listened to that voice in my head. My body didn’t feel right after a few days of coming home. My incision felt funny and I was in a lot of pain. I tried to dismiss it as me getting older but the truth was something was wrong.I caught an infection after surgery.

I don’t tell you this to scare you but it does happen. With any procedure you have there are some risk. I’ve had two previous c-sections without any major complications. This time I just wasn’t as lucky. I’m doing much better now but this reminds me to take care of myself.

Ladies listen to your body!

Swaddled In Love | Aubrey and Bear

Daddy and Clay

Our little man is here and I couldn’t be happier to swaddle him in an Audrey and Bear Swaddle Set. I love what this company stands for and they provide swaddles for the NICU and pediatric centers. So anytime you make a purchase they will make one for either organization.

The options in customizing your swaddle are endless! I’ve seen some really cool designs on their Instagram! They also offer loveys, big kid blankets and other accessories. Make sure you check them out here.

The swaddle set I’ve chosen is the Moose Set. I picked this one because I’m a huge fan of the buffalo check print. It also matches Clayton’s car seat perfectly! The moose were just an added bonus as dad loves wildlife!


My favorite part about our swaddle is that I was able to put his name on it. His name is very special to me because before he was even conceived I had a dream in early 2017 about a baby named Clayton and I didn’t know that this baby would be mine. Fast forward to June 2018 I find out I’m pregnant and a few months later we discovered it was a boy. So there was no doubt what his name would be.

The blanket is incredibly stretchy which makes swaddling easy and it holds up well after washing! I have hung mine to dry as to not alter the color.

Having a baby or know someone who is? This is a great gift!

Moose Blanket

Must Haves for New Baby

Natalie baby room

As most of you know, this isn’t my first rodeo but if you’re new here welcome! So, my approach with this baby is buying the essentials without over doing it. Children are expensive and being that I have two already I wanted to make sure that I didn’t fall into the trap of purchasing things we don’t need just because its cute. Now by all means, if you want your baby to have everything under the sun be my guest! Shop away but for my budget conscious mamas this list is for you!

Below are my top 10 must have items!

*All links are clickable for easier access!


1.       Breastfeeding Pillow

boppy pillow.jpg

My pillow of choice is the Boppy Nursing Pillow, I’ve had one with both of my children and it was a life saver even after I stopped breastfeeding. I personally had a c-section with both of my girls and needing a little assistance while trying to nurse was necessary! The Boppy allows you to relax. I remember being on the couch and could prop my little one on the pillow and be completely hands free except for the occasional need to latch again.

2.       DockaTot

oh joy dockatot.jpg

Now this is a newbie to my list! I’ve heard so many great things about it and I had to see if the hype was true. From the reviews, it’s living up to its name. (I will do a full review once little man arrives) If you’re like me, and you wonder how this item could change your life. So far, I’m a believer! It’s handmade to perfection it feels like the perfect mattress for baby. it’s not too firm and provides a cozy space for baby. This is a great alternative to your traditional co-sleeper/lounger. I recommend using it for nap time as adult supervision is required while child is in it. It’s handmade and sturdy it also provides a safety latch. As your baby grows you’re able to release the latch to allow for leg room. They offer two size options the DockaTot Deluxe (0-8 months old) and DockaTot Grand (9-36 months old). The dockatot comes perfectly packaged! It was delivered in a cardboard box with a plastic seal.

3.       Crib (Pack n’ Play)

graco pack n play.jpg

I have both but I think it really depends on what you’re using it for. The Pack n’ Play is great for the first few months of life. Most can hold a baby until 20 lbs in the basinet portion and once they are older you can remove it and use the bottom portion for play time. I’ve always found my Pack n’ Play to be helpful when I would have guest. I preferred to keep people out of baby’s room so this allowed them to still visit without being in their space. The crib is a must and if you find one that’s transitional you’re winning! You can expect to pay more for a crib and everything that comes along with it. You’re going to need the crib itself ranging anywhere from $125-500, crib mattress, sheets and bedding. I personally hunted down deals on my crib. I got one off the sales floor for $80 (already put together), crib mattress for $50 and bedding from Target for $65.

4.       Clothing

gerber sleeper.jpg

You don’t need to go overboard with the clothes. Depending on the time of year baby is born you’ll want thicker material items but as a general rule of thumb 5-8 onesies, socks, 4 sleepers/all in ones will do the trick!

5.       Travel System

graco travel system.jpg

Travel systems are a life saver! Trust me, you need one. I feel you’re getting steal when you get one. I know some will disagree and go straight for the convertible car seat – which is fine BUT that car seat will not be going in the store with you! I personally have the Graco FastAction Fold which I have yet to test except for around the house and it’s a beast! I love the 360 wheel turn options! I’ve had a travel system with both of my girls and it has worked wonders. Unsnap the car seat for quick trips like the grocery store, doctor’s visit, or church. Then take your travel system for extended trips like the mall, park, or family outing.

6.       Bottles


You’re going to need bottles, unless of course you’re exclusively breast feeding. My goal is to breastfeed but dad and my girls would like to help as well so I’m opting to do both. I will pump and store it in a bottle to allow them to participate in feedings. Now which bottle you choose is completely up to you. There are many great choices and I’ve used a few: Dr. Brown’s, Avent, and Tommie Tippie. Tommie Tippie being my favorite.

7.       Diaper/Wipes


Now, you all know I like to keep it real with you. I’ve always been a Pampers mom especially in the beginning – my hospital gives them out and they look adorable on those sweet little newborns but what I also know is that there are different strokes for different folks. Try out different diapers and see what works for your little one. The same applies to wipes. As a newborn, babies do not need fragrance no matter what you may think. Their skin is delicate so avoid it at all cost, once they’re older you can branch out.

8.       Bouncer


I’ve always loved a good bouncer but they don’t always last that long especially if you little one is growing like a champ. I decided I would try the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker. What I’m loving most about this is that it will be useful for more than one age. The reviews have been pretty positive and working in childcare previously I have a little experience using them.

9.       Diaper bag

diaper bag.jpg

There are literally hundreds of choices for diaper bags but I believe in having a bag that functions well. This go around I chose to use a diaper bag backpack simply because of the convenience and I’ve heard so many great things about how easy it is to manage with a new baby. For the bag pictured above click here.

10.    Blankets


You’re going to need them no matter what the temperature. Baby is not use to being outside of the womb and their body has to regulate so you’re going to always need to carry a blanket with you.

I hope you find this list helpful when you’re shopping for your new little one of giving a gift!