How To Get Ish Done | New Moms Edition

Welcome to Motherhood!!!

The DockaTot was gifted to us by DockaTot all opinions are my own.

Ohjoy dockatot

Being a new mom is tough. Really being a mom is tough in general but nothing really prepares you for the first few weeks and trying to manage a newborn. This time around has been mentally and physically draining for me.  I’ve been doing everything on my own for the most part and that’s come with its own set of challenges.

However, I won’t complain! What I will say is that you have to find some balance. Finding balance is key in everything that you do and managing motherhood is no exception.

Maddy and Clay

Have you ever heard the saying “sleep while your baby sleeps”? I’m sure we’ve all gotten that piece of advice but what if you can’t? What happens when you just need to get ish done and still want to keep an eye on your little one. For me dockatot has been a game changer. Everyone has their own uses for it but what I’ve found works for us is that I’m able to still move around and keep an eye on him while I do things. I can safely wash his bottles and my pump parts while he plays or naps.

When we have company over and I don’t want them to come in his room I simply pull out his dockatot and they can enjoy him from there. It makes my life so much easier. His sisters love to cuddle with him but he’s still very tiny and I don’t want them to accidentally drop so I can sit the dockatot on their bed and they still get to play with him without me stressing over all that could go wrong.

More importantly, I’ve found that during out late night feedings it’s great to have him close to me. It cuts out the middle man. I have never thought of myself as being a co-sleeper type mom but when it’s 2 am and you can barely keep your eyes open its great to know your baby is right there and you can easily pick them up for a feeding. I feel confident using this product because of its high ratings and testing for breathability. It’s the perfect multi-functioning item to have!

 Guess what the dockatot I have is currently on sale for $150.00 so if you like this print snag it now!


Listen up new moms: mommin’ ain’t easy. No one is perfect, you will make mistakes and that’s okay. Remember take deep breaths and you’re doing an awesome job!

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We have the Dockatot Deluxe (0-8 months) and they offer a larger size DockaTot Grand for older children (9-36 months)

Welcome Home Baby Clayton

I’m back!!! Thank you for joining me for this special post that I thought would never come, lol.

My birth story!!!


I will be the first to tell you that giving birth almost NEVER goes the way you hope for it to. Sorry, it just doesn’t and my story isn’t any different. FYI: I had plans on being a total diva going into surgery and that didn’t get to happen.

Tuesday, January 15th I arrived at work with a positive outlook on the day knowing I only had one day left and I would start my leave. I was scheduled for my 38 week check at 10:00 am so I left work and headed to the doctors office. I told my boss I would see her later and hurried to my car.

After checking in, the nurse checks my blood pressure and ask if I’m okay. I’m like yeah, I’m having a great day. Her face was extremely perplexed and she said I’m going to let you chill out and I’ll be back to check you. She came back and my blood pressure went up some more.

My doctor came in and we began discussing my upcoming cesarean and then before she left she asked was I busy for the rest of the day. I told her I could clear my schedule. She said I’m sending you to the hospital I don’t like the way your blood pressure is acting and I would like to monitor you for a few hours. I took a deep breath and said okay. Not knowing this would be the day I would see my little guy.

I quickly call my mom to let her know and followed up with a call to dad. Of course this would be the one day he decides to fall all the way asleep after work. (Thank you night shift!) I begin to panic a little because he’s two hours away and if anything were to happen he was going to miss his son’s birth.

Well of course, the inevitable happened. My blood pressure continued to sky rocket hitting 161/200 and they knew it was time to deliver. They didn’t want to continue to take any chances with me. They told me I would be going back for surgery at 3:00 pm mind you at this time it’s 1:00 pm.

I can’t accurately describe what I felt in that moment. I was alone and scared out of my mind. My mom and sister did their best to keep me calm over FaceTime until someone could get to the hospital with me. I hadn’t talked to dad and I knew he was going to miss it. I began calling everyone I knew that could possibly go by his house to wake him up. Luckily something clicked and he woke up but not in time. He called me and we exchanged our sweet what-nots and I went back for surgery.

As they prepped me for surgery all I could think about was - I’m really doing this. I’m having a baby today. This is not how I wanted it to go. This was not apart of MY PLAN but God always has a plan and sometimes it’s not aligned with ours. They asked me several times was I sure I wanted to have my tubal done and there was no doubt in my mind. They even tried to stall for few moments in hopes dad would walk through the door at any second

3:30 pm - He’s here

I was knocked out cold so I didn’t get to hear his first cry but my mom says it was everything! He truly has a set of lungs on him.

Clayton RM
Clayton Middleton
Newborn Clayton

When I entered the recovery room I really don’t remember much. I think I was pretty medicated. The anesthesiologist told me he would try a new medicine on me to keep me numb and I shouldn’t feel any pain from the surgery for at least 2-3 days.

I finally came to life and dad had arrived!!! I was so happy and hoped that he didn’t miss the big moment. Seeing the look on his face made it all worth it!


I would like to give a quick disclaimer, having a c-section is major surgery! You need to allow your body to heal and make sure you’re doing what your body needs of you. Also trust yourself, you know yourself better than anyone and I listened to that voice in my head. My body didn’t feel right after a few days of coming home. My incision felt funny and I was in a lot of pain. I tried to dismiss it as me getting older but the truth was something was wrong.I caught an infection after surgery.

I don’t tell you this to scare you but it does happen. With any procedure you have there are some risk. I’ve had two previous c-sections without any major complications. This time I just wasn’t as lucky. I’m doing much better now but this reminds me to take care of myself.

Ladies listen to your body!

What's In My Hospital Bag?

It’s time to start packing for the hospital – most advise you to start packing around 37 weeks but I think anytime in the third trimester is fine especially if you’re high risk.

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So let’s jump into it!

All of my personal care items will be travel sized so that I can pack them ahead of time!






Lip Balm

Hair Ties



Going Home Outfit


Insurance Info



Change of clothes (2-3)



Shower Necessities

Phone + charger



2-3 outfits





Snowsuit (Winter Baby)


Car seat






Change (for vending machine)