How To Get Ish Done | New Moms Edition

Welcome to Motherhood!!!

The DockaTot was gifted to us by DockaTot all opinions are my own.

Ohjoy dockatot

Being a new mom is tough. Really being a mom is tough in general but nothing really prepares you for the first few weeks and trying to manage a newborn. This time around has been mentally and physically draining for me.  I’ve been doing everything on my own for the most part and that’s come with its own set of challenges.

However, I won’t complain! What I will say is that you have to find some balance. Finding balance is key in everything that you do and managing motherhood is no exception.

Maddy and Clay

Have you ever heard the saying “sleep while your baby sleeps”? I’m sure we’ve all gotten that piece of advice but what if you can’t? What happens when you just need to get ish done and still want to keep an eye on your little one. For me dockatot has been a game changer. Everyone has their own uses for it but what I’ve found works for us is that I’m able to still move around and keep an eye on him while I do things. I can safely wash his bottles and my pump parts while he plays or naps.

When we have company over and I don’t want them to come in his room I simply pull out his dockatot and they can enjoy him from there. It makes my life so much easier. His sisters love to cuddle with him but he’s still very tiny and I don’t want them to accidentally drop so I can sit the dockatot on their bed and they still get to play with him without me stressing over all that could go wrong.

More importantly, I’ve found that during out late night feedings it’s great to have him close to me. It cuts out the middle man. I have never thought of myself as being a co-sleeper type mom but when it’s 2 am and you can barely keep your eyes open its great to know your baby is right there and you can easily pick them up for a feeding. I feel confident using this product because of its high ratings and testing for breathability. It’s the perfect multi-functioning item to have!

 Guess what the dockatot I have is currently on sale for $150.00 so if you like this print snag it now!


Listen up new moms: mommin’ ain’t easy. No one is perfect, you will make mistakes and that’s okay. Remember take deep breaths and you’re doing an awesome job!

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We have the Dockatot Deluxe (0-8 months) and they offer a larger size DockaTot Grand for older children (9-36 months)