Never Underestimate the Importance of Exercise for Your Kids

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When we think of our kids’ wellbeing, we take all sorts of things into consideration. We do our utmost to make sure they’re getting everything they need in their diet - their vitamins, their minerals, their nutrients. We want to get them into the best education possible so their minds can grow and expand. We want to make sure they’ve got positive social circles who aren’t being a bad influence to them. But one thing we don’t often take into account enough is whether our little ones are getting sufficient exercise on a daily basis.

This is understandable. Kids tend to run about and wear themselves out of their own accord. But some structured exercise could be a great addition to their weekly routines and they could even develop a love for a sport or area that they pursue for the rest of their lives for the sake of enjoyment alone! So, where can you start out?

Well, the infographic by below can help you to see common trends in youth sports participation and give you some ideas as to what your kid might like to get involved in. Remember, any exercise is positive, so even the smallest participation can go a long way. Whether that’s group sports, individual sports, or even soft and gentle exercises like stretching and flexibility work. Whatever your kid takes a shine to, pursue it. If your kid doesn’t seem to be enjoying something they’ve tried out, don’t force them to continue. There’ll be something out there that they like. It’s just a matter of maintaining the patience and persistence to finding it.