DIY: Baby's 1st Halloween Photos


I’ll be the first to admit that I love dressing my kids up for different holidays and taking cute photos of them but hiring a photographer can get expensive quick. So, I decided to take a different approach and do some photos myself!

I found this really cute one-piece outfit from Target for Clayton. It was easy to put on and could double as something for him to wear during the week. I love outfits that have multipurpose!

I love this option for a little girl! I think it’s perfect and easy, you will not spend a lot of time having to worry about decorations. You want the focus to be on the child.

girl hall.PNG

Target Baby Halloween

I would have normally done these photos in the grass but the grass was wet so I opted for blanket and the back of the pickup truck! I turned on some music and brought my oldest daughter outside to help get Clayton to smiling. He was not really in the mood and he knew I had my camera. Every time I put it down he would laugh, so know your baby!

Friendly tip: Avoid doing this before nap times, you’ll end up with a cranky baby.

Trick or Treat Pumpkin

Before you get ready to post to Facebook or Instagram be sure create a cute design using Canva and print it out to share with family and friends. You’ll want to cherish this memory and it will be great for the baby book!

Baby's 1st Halloween 2019.png

Canva is really easy to use and they have templates! The templates are so easy to work with even my 11 year old can use them.

Most of all make sure you have fun!