Family Values

I believe you are never too old or too young to learn from someone else. Ever heard the saying, "Out of the mouth of babes"? (you know what I’m talking about lol) I've been blessed to have a great and inspiring friend, teacher and mentor over the years. As I began my workout journey, he would yell this chant with his children:


My Friend: “What do we do?!” 

His Children: “We work!” 


This is amazing! It’s crazy that you can see something so simple and become inspired. Whether we want them to or not, our children are watching and they WILL model your behavior!


I’ve also noticed that people have come up with their own family motto/mantras and I think that is so cool! It is important that families do this because to teach your children a sense of unity. I, however, don’t have one...yet! I plan to work on that.


Take a look here if you would like to create your own also leave some comments below and let me know what your family motto is.