MaySlay: My OOTD Recap

May was FABULOUS! If you remember last month I did a series called Stepping Into Color. I love black! It's bold, sophisticated, sexy and let's not forget SLIMMING! I have hidden in black for a few years until recently because I am loving me. (Body included and I've been sharing some of my not so flattering moments over on my Instagram!)

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Look #1: Grey Off The Shoulder

Dress: Boohoo $42.00

This is actually a duster, reading is fundamental, lol but hey, I rocked it as a dress and loved it. I was worried because it was fitting me kind of funny, so it makes sense as to why my legs were exposed... I should have had on pants. No worries, though. This bad boy will be making another appearance. It also comes in black and pink! 

Gray Wrap

Look 2: Trendy Chic

I've been holding on to this jean jack for a few years...waiting until I could fit into it. I'm sure we're all guilty of buying something too small just to give us a "goal" item. Well this was mine and as we can see...I'm in it! This outfit is very old but I will link similar pieces if you're interested! 

Shirt: Plain tank top

Jean Jacket: Option 1, Option 2

Skirt: Option 1, Option 2

Purse: Amazon 

May Slay.png

Look #3: White HOT 

Dress: Boohoo $44.00

Dress Dupe

My Mother's Day Slay!!! I was so nervous about this dress. I swear it stressed me out for weeks. I didn't know whether I was coming or going. I originally picked out this dress for my photo shoot but as we see it didn't make the cut! ( I started seeing it all over instagram and I just wasn't doing that.) I'm actually glad it didn't because I like the dress I wore a lot better! 



Look #4: Color City 

This look took some time. I really had to figure out exactly what I was going for and how to feel confident enough to rock it. I loved the mustard color cropped trousers! They were beautiful, to begin with, and the black and white top surely set it off. I didn't want to go with my go-to of a black shoe. I figured we could have some fun and green chunky pearl shoes came in handy!

Shirt: New York & Company (NLA) Dupe: Target

Pants: New York & Company

Shoes: DSW (NLA) Dupe: Amazon or Target 

Photo by: Denise Benson

Photo by: Denise Benson

Look 5: Red, White, and Blue

I wanted to do a spin on the traditional red, white, and blue. So here it is and I'm pleasantly surprised with how nice it turned out! 

Shirt: New York & Company (NLA) Dupe: Target

Pants: New York & Company

Shoes: Target



Look 6: Southern Belle 

Everything about this dress makes me feel sexy and classy! The peplum top hides the belly while allowing you to show off your legs and shoulders. I really thought about adding my first lady hat with this outfit for true Southern Charm!

Dress: New York and Company 

Shoes: Amazon

Handbag: Coach