A Time To Reflect | Goodbye 2018

Like most, at the end of the year you begin to create a list of “New Year’s Resolutions” and beat yourself up about what you didn’t do in the past and how you will make better decisions for the year ahead. Well, this year I’m looking at my life a little differently. I took the plunge in March to relaunch my blog and I’ve seen nothing but blessing since. I truly stepped out on faith because it’s always been my dream to share my story – in my own way. My blog allows me to do that…as well as try my hand at a few different things.


For that, I’m grateful. This year I’ve had the opportunity to partner with a few great companies:

1.       New York and Company


2.       Datebox use my code FREELYNAT50 for 50% off your first box!

3.       PinkBlush


4.       Preggo Leggings


I’ve also being featured on a few blogs. All of this reminds me of what I’ve been taught growing up; “Faith without works is dead.” How can I believe for things or want things but don’t have enough faith to start putting in the work? God has promised me that if I show up He will too!

I’m not going to say this year has been easy, because by all means it has not! I’ve struggled tremendously with moving on and believing in myself.

Comparison is the DEVIL! I need you to hear me!

I’ve questioned myself, compared myself and even judged myself and that’s what social media does to us sometimes. We have to stay focused. I’ve had to take mini breaks to get my head right on occasion. I’m finally in a great place with understanding that my calling is my own and whomever is going to rock with me will!

To everyone that’s been in my position, understand that you’re not alone. No matter how hard life hits NEVER lose focus!

Cheers to 2019! May your year be as great as you make it! 


MaySlay: My OOTD Recap

May was FABULOUS! If you remember last month I did a series called Stepping Into Color. I love black! It's bold, sophisticated, sexy and let's not forget SLIMMING! I have hidden in black for a few years until recently because I am loving me. (Body included and I've been sharing some of my not so flattering moments over on my Instagram!)

*This post may contain affiliate links. 



Look #1: Grey Off The Shoulder

Dress: Boohoo $42.00

This is actually a duster, reading is fundamental, lol but hey, I rocked it as a dress and loved it. I was worried because it was fitting me kind of funny, so it makes sense as to why my legs were exposed... I should have had on pants. No worries, though. This bad boy will be making another appearance. It also comes in black and pink! 

Gray Wrap

Look 2: Trendy Chic

I've been holding on to this jean jack for a few years...waiting until I could fit into it. I'm sure we're all guilty of buying something too small just to give us a "goal" item. Well this was mine and as we can see...I'm in it! This outfit is very old but I will link similar pieces if you're interested! 

Shirt: Plain tank top

Jean Jacket: Option 1, Option 2

Skirt: Option 1, Option 2

Purse: Amazon 

May Slay.png

Look #3: White HOT 

Dress: Boohoo $44.00

Dress Dupe

My Mother's Day Slay!!! I was so nervous about this dress. I swear it stressed me out for weeks. I didn't know whether I was coming or going. I originally picked out this dress for my photo shoot but as we see it didn't make the cut! ( I started seeing it all over instagram and I just wasn't doing that.) I'm actually glad it didn't because I like the dress I wore a lot better! 



Look #4: Color City 

This look took some time. I really had to figure out exactly what I was going for and how to feel confident enough to rock it. I loved the mustard color cropped trousers! They were beautiful, to begin with, and the black and white top surely set it off. I didn't want to go with my go-to of a black shoe. I figured we could have some fun and green chunky pearl shoes came in handy!

Shirt: New York & Company (NLA) Dupe: Target

Pants: New York & Company

Shoes: DSW (NLA) Dupe: Amazon or Target 

Photo by: Denise Benson

Photo by: Denise Benson

Look 5: Red, White, and Blue

I wanted to do a spin on the traditional red, white, and blue. So here it is and I'm pleasantly surprised with how nice it turned out! 

Shirt: New York & Company (NLA) Dupe: Target

Pants: New York & Company

Shoes: Target



Look 6: Southern Belle 

Everything about this dress makes me feel sexy and classy! The peplum top hides the belly while allowing you to show off your legs and shoulders. I really thought about adding my first lady hat with this outfit for true Southern Charm!

Dress: New York and Company 

Shoes: Amazon

Handbag: Coach