Swaddled In Love | Aubrey and Bear

Daddy and Clay

Our little man is here and I couldn’t be happier to swaddle him in an Audrey and Bear Swaddle Set. I love what this company stands for and they provide swaddles for the NICU and pediatric centers. So anytime you make a purchase they will make one for either organization.

The options in customizing your swaddle are endless! I’ve seen some really cool designs on their Instagram! They also offer loveys, big kid blankets and other accessories. Make sure you check them out here.

The swaddle set I’ve chosen is the Moose Set. I picked this one because I’m a huge fan of the buffalo check print. It also matches Clayton’s car seat perfectly! The moose were just an added bonus as dad loves wildlife!


My favorite part about our swaddle is that I was able to put his name on it. His name is very special to me because before he was even conceived I had a dream in early 2017 about a baby named Clayton and I didn’t know that this baby would be mine. Fast forward to June 2018 I find out I’m pregnant and a few months later we discovered it was a boy. So there was no doubt what his name would be.

The blanket is incredibly stretchy which makes swaddling easy and it holds up well after washing! I have hung mine to dry as to not alter the color.

Having a baby or know someone who is? This is a great gift!

Moose Blanket

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