Plus Size Barbie? | Barbie Fashionistas Dolls - Curvy

A few weeks ago Kaydence came home excited to tell me about the new dolls she had gotten while she was with her Nana.  “Mom, guess what?” “What” I replied. “I have plus size Barbies!” I was in shock and wasn’t quite sure how to respond but I had to see it. She knows I’m all about loving your body at every size!

I saw it and I was shook! These dolls are actually called Barbie Fashionistas – Curvy and honey let me tell you, these dolls have curves!

First and foremost, I always allow my daughters to pick the dolls of their choosing and really like for them to pick the ones that look like them. I’m all for representation, ya’ll! So I was extremely tickled. Even though this isn’t major, I’m excited to see things like this happening. I also know they have dolls that are disabled as well and I think this is awesome. We are all unique in our own way and deserve to be celebrated!


What are some toys you purchase for your children that make you proud?

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