Proudest Mom Moment

Biggest Success/Proudest Mom Moment


As a mom, have you ever stood back in adoration and gave yourself a pat on the back? Sometimes it is necessary to congratulate our successes as parents. We're human, so we make mistakes but they only make the successes that much sweeter! 


My proudest moment as a mom would have to be hearing my oldest tell me how much she loves her hair. O M G!! The waterworks wanted to come but I was a G and held it together. This world teaches our little black girls to hate themselves! The media preaches to them that their hair is not beautiful unless its straight or their curls are long and bouncy but NO ma’am! 


Little black girl you rock! 


The way her face lit up when she saw herself was amazing! I wouldn't trade that moment for anything in the world. In the purest of tones she said, “Mom I look so beautiful.” I told her “Baby, you are.”


Now with my baby…I don’t know if this would be considered a proud moment for me or her- either way, it was awesome. I had trouble with her walking and talking for a long time. She experienced memory lapses at a very young age and it scared me half to death. I finally took her to the doctor and we started therapy around 18 months. By her second birthday she was walking without falling, her health was improving and I couldn’t do anything but praise God for restoring her.


I know there will be many more moments like these and I plan to share them along the way. Remember to brag on your babies for they are your greatest creation, accomplishment and responsibility! 


And don't forget, Moms ROCK too!