Early Introduction to Peanuts | Lil Mixins Peanut Powder

I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided. 

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This opportunity from Moms Meet and Lil’ Mixins came right on time! At Clayton’s last doctor’s appointment we were told to start introducing peanut butter and eggs into his diet. I’ll be honest I was shocked. I’m like he’s only 6 months old, should we really be doing this? I thought that eating peanut butter and passing it through my breastmilk was enough. Studies say otherwise – early and regular exposure to peanuts can reduce the risk of babies acquiring a peanut allergy.

I’ve seen firsthand what can happen when a child has an allergic reaction and it’s not pretty!

My doctor suggested that I put a teaspoon of peanut butter on a spoon and just give it to him. That made me extremely nervous. Well, Lil Mixins solved that problem for us.

According to their website, “We take organic peanuts, powder them using a special process that preserves the proteins, and put them into a jar. Our process assures that when you add our powder to your baby's food, milk or formula, it won't turn back into peanut butter and choke them. Instead, it stays safely suspended in their food or milk.”


I started slow with introducing this to Clayton and I even tasted it myself. We began by trying it in his cereal. It was extremely easy and blended very well! He ate it all with no problems. I watched him over the next 3 hours to see if anything happened and we were in the clear.

Now he is ready when he sees me scooping powder from the jar!


The jar recommends using it 3x a week for the perfect introduction and even tells you how much to put in. One jar will last you for 3 months which is equal to over 40 servings! Now do you want to get your hands on some? If so, click here and use the promo code: MOMSMEET20 for 20% off your entire purchase!

Products they offer:

Infant Egg Powder

Infant Peanut Powder

Sample – Peanut Powder

Infant Tree Nut (Coming Soon)

 Food Combo Ideas:

Banana Puree + Peanut Powder

Cereal + Peanut Powder

Carrot Puree + Peanut Powder

Applesauce + Cereal + Peanut Powder

Blueberries + Cereal + Peanut Powder


Happy tasting!