Batter Up!!!

What-a-Weekend! I had the pleasure of spending time with great friends and family. On the drive back home, I chatted with a good friend and mentor. We caught up on life and I expressed how tired I had become. He jokingly made mention that I have been traveling a lot, which IS true, but he said something so profound. “Is the lack of sleep worth it?” All I could muster was a smile - It truly is. 

This weekend was spent centering myself, spending quality time with my girls and enjoying some Columbia Firefies baseball. #LetsGlow 

Now, here are a few take-a-ways from the weekend. First, why didn’t anyone tell me Tim Tebow was soooooooo fine? Whew! Next, I'm learning to 'smell the roses' again. Finally, despite the rain, delayed start times and little hiccups along the way, it was great! I got to enjoy the wind blowing through my hair, listening to the rain drop, eating boiled peanuts and drinking craft beer! Sheer perfection. 

Life always takes us on a ride just make sure the  destination is worth it!