Fidget Spinners

I'm sure every parent in America has heard about these new toys called "Fidget Spinners". The other day, Kay (8), texted me while I was away and told me that she "needs" a Fidget Spinner. I was immediately alarmed! I have been  told that these toys were used to treat ADHD and anxiety. As any panicked mom would, I responded back with hundreds of questions about why she wanted one and who told her she needed one. Her response? Simple. "I miss you when you have to work out of town." I know the separation can be hard for kids especially when there is only one parent. So, I decided to look into getting her one. I cannot seem to get my hands on one for less than $20 and I'm not willing to pay that. I need you guys HELP! lol Give me some feedback! Have you used one? Does it work? Can I find a less expensive option?