Ideas for Planning Great Group Activities

This is a collaborative post - I hope that you will find the information helpful!

Typically when people think of group activities - it revolves around going out for a meal, and a night on the town. However, you can plan something great for you and your group of friends (some may include a cocktail), that produce more than a big bill.

Another reason to change up what you do as a group is that not everyone in the group has the same disposable income. And it might be nice if there were a range of things that people could do together. 

If you have managed to get into adulthood, with a group of friends, that you like and who really like you - then you should look after them. Spending quality time together is part of that. 


Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash


We all have that one dish that we are really great at cooking. A potluck is a great way to cut back on the big spends, all enjoy some good food, and be able to wear your comfy clothing should you wish to. The idea is, everyone brings a dish along and you can just take what you’d like to eat. You will probably have to designate someone as the bringer of the desert and someone else as the provider of the drinks cart. 

You can take it turns, choose themes and keep it to the same third Friday of every month. Different people can host too. 

It is a great way to have a good meal without having to bag a reservation. 

Art Nights

If some of you are pretty creative, you might like the idea of a paint and sip studio. You can book a few tickets, and create some artwork while chatting, snacking and sipping whatever beverage you’d like. 

It is not often that we get the chance in our adult life to really relax and see what we can do with a paintbrush. So booking the time and giving yourself permission to relax and create is something pretty cool. 


With the eco-movement of spending less, avoiding fast fashion, and respecting your clothing a bit more - is it any wonder that secondhand stores are thriving? Create a list of all of the thrift stores nearby, and schedule in an afternoon to go treasure hunting. It helps if you set a budget and a route to take.  

If you are smart, you will even plan in a coffee shop too! For many, this is a typical Saturday afternoon, but making it fun by having a goal. A new outfit, looking for designer stuff, just make sure you stick to your budget. 


If you have a nature reserve someone in the region, it might just be time to hop in the car (or public transport if you are being green) and take a long walk. Not everyone loves the idea of going for a walk at first. But within a few minutes, even the most significant city slicker will have softened up and be strolling alone. 

Walking is great to relax your mind and muscles - unless you choose something strenuous. Pack a picnic to make sure you have a little snack as you go.