What do I write about now?

Writing can come naturally to you or you may need to work on it quite a bit. However, I think we all need a little inspiration from time to time. At the end of last year, I was writing down my goal list as most people do before they enter a new year and created my "2018 Blog Post Ideas." I choose topics that I felt resonated with me and here we are in the second quarter of the month and I've only completed 5 of those posts, lol!

Surprisingly, that's not bad. When I'm not feeling inspired I can always pull out that list and pick a topic. So don't limit yourself! Your creative juices can stop...we are not always oozing with ideas and for those of you that are...kudos my friend!

Here you'll find my blog topics for 2018! Download your copy now and let me know what you plan to write about!

Blog Topic Ideas.png