Back to School: It's ALMOST Time


Moms and Dads,

Psst…school will be starting in a month! Are you ready? Some of us are, we can’t wait while others don’t know where to begin. This is a big year in our household. Kaydence is going to 5th grade and Maddy will start Kindergarten!

Wow, I have a 5 and 10 year old…that’s kinda scary but that’s another story for a different day.

I’m going to start shopping ASAP. I HATE crowds and I am not a last minute mama. Most schools have their school supply list out now so start grabbing items!

Mom Tip: Buy extra just because your children have supplies at school does NOT mean they’re bringing them home. I keep a caddy of school supplies ready to go for homework time. Most schools have community pools so there is no need to label your child’s items because there is no guarantee that they will get “that” pack of crayons you bought.

How to budget for back to school shopping!.png

School shopping can get out of hand quickly! Having more than one child doesn’t make it easy so I stay looking out for a deal. I set a budget, I plan to spend no more than $500 to get my girls ready for school. This includes clothing, shoes, and supplies.

How I plan to do this is shop the sales!!! School supplies are out now! Walmart, Target, and Staples all have started stocking their shelves with supplies.

I like going to the outlets to maximize my money. Last year I was able to score the girls 6 pairs of shoes for under $100! (Winning!!!)


How do you prepare for back to school shopping?

Some of my favorite items to stock up on are crayons, markers, printer paper, glue, and if I find a great deal I’ll grab some extra ink too. My oldest uses the computer about as much as I do, so I like to make sure that she’s ready to print when needed.


Target has Crayola products on sale: spend $25 get a $5 gift card until July 21, 2018.