Maternity Leggings: Preggo Leggings

Thanks to Preggo Leggings for allowing me to bring you this post! I’ve partnered with them for their Plus Size line!  Check them out here!


Listen up Mamas, maternity clothing does not have to all drab. You can still wear some of the same styles you did pre-pregnancy.  

Let’s jump right into to it. I ordered the Rockstar Mamacita Moto in Black a size XL. They retail for $50.00 you can use my code: NAT15 to save 15%off.

I’m currently between a size 12/14 normally I would choose the smaller of the two when wearing leggings but according to their size guide the XL works best for sizes 14-16!


Preggo Leggins Review

What I’m LOVING:

First of all, they are BLACK! That’s my favorite color. Black looks great on everyone and while most women gain weight during pregnancy you will take anything you can get to help you look sleek!

These leggings are also a full panel! This is something I can truly appreciate because as a mom of two previous c-sections I have the pancake flap so having the full panel pants allows support for my growing bump. They also pass the sitting test! I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all while sitting!

What You might not like:

These leggings are fitted! If you are closer to a 16 than a 14 I would size up. The fit definitely keeps everything in place so no wiggling in case you’re worried.


These leggings are AWESOME, I get to feel sexy and classy. I love that they feel like leather and you can dress them up or down! I’m always down for clothing that allows me to look and feel my best as my body changes. I received many compliments on them from people young and old so can truly say they are a head turner!

View all plus sized leggings here! Their sizes now go up to a 3XL!!!

P.S. I will probably still wear this after baby comes! They look that good!

Want to see my leggings on? Check out my video review below!