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Everyone knows you can catch me in Charleston, SC on any given weekend. It’s my home away from home. So I was stoked to see an invite from Liz and Mimi at the Cannonborough Collective for their Bloggers & Creatives Ice Cream Social. I’ve been dying to get to their shop because have you seen their Instagram photos? This place looks like it stepped out of the pages of a magazine! Plus their balloon wall…you really haven’t lived until you get a picture in front of it.

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Not to mention, they had Jeni’s Ice Cream – so yummy and they sell it at Publix now! (woo hooo) I decided to let my oldest tag along so that we could enjoy some mother-daughter time.

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What I loved most about this place was it’s the perfect location for creatives. They even host workshops there. (How cool is that?)  It’s your one-stop shop for local gifts and balloons. I picked up some soap from Motherland Essentials. They carry jewelry, pillows, paintings, shirts and more! 

Liz & mimi 

Liz & mimi 

Meet The Founders


Mimi Striplin, a College of Charleston graduate, left life in the haberdashery world behind and founded The Tiny Tassel in the summer of 2015. Designing and creating each tassel by hand with hopes of bringing a little joy to Charleston has led her to offer a full line of handmade jewelry and garments made up of bright colors and classic prints which are available at retailers across the country.

Liz Martin created an online shop, The Charleston Weekender, in 2015 to add a little creativity to her life as a speech therapist.  Her line of products quickly emerged into a lifestyle blog intended to inspire Charlestonians to live every day more like it’s the weekend.  She offers products discovered during her travels, as well as some of her own designs/products that are sold at a number of local retailers.

*Bio from their website. 

And if you’re ever in the Downtown Charleston Area make sure you stop by! They are located at 185 A. St. Philip St. Charleston, SC 29403.

All photos provided by Aneris Photography

Cannonborough Collective:

Ice Cream:

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You even get a #freebie on your way out!

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