6 Tips to Help You Discover Your Purpose

Many people don’t know what they want to do or where they want to go in life. You’re constantly stuck, while others just know. It’s totally fine if you’re one of the people who just don’t know. I’ve been there. Trust me and to be honest I’m still there – kinda.

When I was younger, I always told my mom I wanted to be a lawyer and I stuck with that. I was so determined UNTIL I found out all of the history that it required me to know and I quickly backed out. Next, I wanted to be a child psychologist and some days I still think about it but life and motherhood make that feel impossible. Lately, I’ve found that I have a heart for people. I believe I always have.

Since high school I’ve worked in the childcare field on and off. In my most recent position I served as a Childcare Director and I loved it but knew I needed to be doing more. Although my job now is different, I’ve been afforded the ability to create. Taking on a less stressful job has allowed me to see all of the possibilities that were waiting for me.

So…how do you get to your purpose?

Step 1: Brainstorm

I believe you have to do some thinking. For one moment forget about everyone else and think about yourself. What will make you happy AND make you an income? A lot of the times we get lost in our title/role i.e. mom, wife, sister, caregiver etc. that you forget about who you are.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Start by making a plan. I’m old school and I like to write things down with pen and paper. Once it feels solid I transfer it electronically. I also like to think of ways that I can realistically make it happen. I don’t suggest quitting your job and running off to find your passion unless you can afford to do that – then go ahead! Start becoming intentional with your time. Set aside an hour a day to determine what makes you happy and ignites a fire within you. Don’t think you have an hour to set aside? Use your lunch break, get up an hour earlier or go to bed an hour later. Your dreams will thank you.

Friendly Tip: Not sure where to find a quiet space? Go to the library and turn your phone on silent or do not disturb.

Step 3: Pray

Often times we get lost in our heads. You have so many ideas but not enough clarity. I’m extremely guilty of this. When I pray, I feel centered. Something just calms me, I typically began my prayer by asking God to release everything within me that’s not like Him and allow me to be used for His glory. Praying does not have to be in a dark room and on your knees. Prayer is having a conversation with God. I speak to Him every day on my way to work. I laugh and joke with Him because I know He has my best interest at heart.

6 Tips for finding your.png

Step 4: Fund Your Dream

No money? No worries. Start small. I’m a FIRM believer that we if you want something bad enough you’ll get it. I’ve decided to cut back on things that I don’t need. I was subscribed to services that I rarely used. I was able to save $20 from my budget. Not much but it’s a start. Have stuff around the house that you don’t need? Sell it! Remove things that no longer serve you.

Step 5: Education

Do you already know how to do your passion? It doesn’t have to be that you go into business for yourself but maybe the job you want requires certain skills. The money you were saving to “fund your dream” begin applying that words your education. You’re never too old to learn.

Step 6: Begin

It’s really that simple. Just get started.

I wanted to start a blog forever but I didn’t know how to do it. I still don’t know everything there is to blogging but guess what…I started. Everyday I’m learning something new. As more information becomes available I will continue to learn.


So what are you waiting for? No more excuses! Start creating a life you LOVE!