It's Getting Spooky

Do you feel it? I can feel it! The weather is getting cooler and the holidays are right around the corner! First up is Halloween, it’s not my favorite but I do enjoy all of the treats and watching my kids dress up. Currently, still undecided about what I want them to dress up as but no worries, we’ll figure it out soon enough.

Do you give your kids teachers little gifts on holidays? I do, I think that we forget just how tough of a job they have. I’ve worked in the education field and it’s a THANKLESS job! So below are a few small ticket items that the teachers will LOVE!


1.       Candy Jar


Who doesn’t love candy? I always get my kids to pry. My oldest is so good at this, she pays attention to what her teachers eat or drink.

(Want the graphic, click here to visit lilyna!)

2.       Hand Soap

halloween germ gift tags.png

Why hand soap? Germs of course! Kids are not always the cleanest and it’s nice when you get to have your “special” soap. I try to stock up on these when Bath and Body Works have a sale. You can catch them for about $2.5-3.50 and stack it with their 20% off coupon or their $10 off $30. Sign up for their emails!

Get your gift tags here!

3.       Trick or Treat Smell My Feet


Foot cream! You can take this any way you would like. Foot cream or a nice foot scrub! Trust me they will love it. I love it when my feet feel good.

What are you getting your children’s teachers for Halloween?