6 Things You Can Do Today To Feel Better

There is always something that we could be doing better. A lot of people have the mindset that if they aren’t “booked and busy” they aren’t really doing anything but what happens when you start to shut down? It’s great to stay focused but you have to remember the importance of taking time for you! My motto is if I don’t take time for myself how can I possibly be the best mother to my children.

1.       Relax

Yep, it’s that simple. Take some time to relax! Spend 30 intentional minutes with yourself either before getting out of bed in the morning or before going to sleep.


2.       Exercise

If you’re not an avid workout type person then take your time. Going for a walk is a start. Don’t jump all in and then a few weeks later you’re ready to quit because you’ve done too much.


3.       Take a Social Media Break

It’s necessary for our sanity. We can get caught up in things that we see online and quickly start to compare ourselves to other. It’s not worth it. Take a week off if you don’t think you can handle a month.

4.       Remove Negativity

Do you have a “friend” that never has anything positive to say? Or do you have people in your life that you aren’t sure why they’re there? It’s time to purge! If a person isn’t adding value to your life why are they there?


5.       Read a book

Have you had books on your “to read list” and just haven’t done it? Don’t know what to do on your social media break? READ! I promise it will change your life and keep you on your toes.


6.       Be Selfish

Enjoy something that makes YOU happy. Forget about your kids, spouse, and family for one moment and think about what fulfills you and do it!

 How do you practice self-care?