How To Make The Most Of Your Winter Photoshoot

Today we have special guest writer Denise Benson of Denise Benson Photography preparing us for our Winter Photoshoot!


Spring and summer are long gone and holiday portrait season has passed.  The leaves have all fallen from the trees, the temps are freezing and your the skies seem to be a forever shade of grey.  The last thing on your mind is taking outdoor family photos, but as a photographer I'm here to tell you this is a great time of year to do it!  

I know you're probably reading this thinking I'm crazy, but just hear me out.  Everyone has photos taken during spring when flowers are in full bloom and if you're in the south, right as summer hits before things get too muggy and hot.  You're in the park because it's beautiful and scenic, but there are tons of other people there too enjoying the nice weather.  And likely other photographers.  Your images will likely look like your next door neighbors, and their neighbor, and get the picture.  But winter is a great opportunity to switch things up and try unexpected locations or even the same location you've used during warmer times, but you're seeing it in a whole new light now.  And if you find the right time of day to shoot you'll likely not run into anyone else which always makes for better photographs.  So now that you're thinking maybe a winter shoot isn't the worst idea in the world here are a few tips to help seal the deal!


1.  Opt for an indoor session.  During spring and summer you'll more than likely want to be outside while everything is blooming and filled with lush colors.  Use the winter shoot to try out a new location you may have never considered.  Your local museum may have some beautiful architecture and even a fun in-home lifestyle session works great during colder temps.


2.  Wear something that pops.  If you do opt to keep your session outdoors this is a great time to make yourself and your family the center of attention.  Oftentimes when shooting in warmer weather the trees and grass are green and full of color, but during winter everything tends to be a muted shade of brown so if you opt to wear beautiful jewel tones like emerald greens and lush purples you'll automatically stand out from your  background.  No competing necessary.


3. Add in fun props.  Just because it feels cold doesn't mean you have to look cold.  By adding some winter props like a cozy blanket, some hot cocoa with marshmallows and adorable accessories (who doesn't love a good pair of earmuffs?!) you can instantly make your session memorable and out of the norm from whatever your friends and family are doing.


I believe a session can be fun and beautiful regardless of what time of year it is.  You just have to make the session unique to you.  So stop assuming that winter means no photoshoots and if you're lucky maybe it will even snow for your special day!


All photos are by Denise Benson Photography!

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