How To Look and Feel Your Best (Without Even Trying!)

Summer is here but as the nights start getting colder, it is more important than ever to make good choices when it comes to your lifestyle and your health. Winter weather and climates, meaning that a whole host of undesirable bacteria and viruses can spread more easily than in the warmer months. However, changes you make now can make sure that you look and feel great when the weather is miserable and you're not feeling at your peak. But, where to even start? Overhauling weeks and sometimes years of unhealthy mental and physical choices can take more than a few days to rectify. When it comes to adopting the new upgraded lifestyle that will leave you feeling your best and achieving your goals it can be more achievable to pick small, actionable and accountable goals to ease you in gently. 

Get Your Greens 

Especially when it gets colder outside, it’s human nature to want to stock up on simple and stodgy carbohydrates like pasta, rice and potatoes. While carbohydrates are a great way for your body to easily access and use energy, simple carbs are not great for satiety and blood sugar levels. So instead of piling heaps of rich pasta or nutty brown rice on your plate before you’ve even looked at some vegetables or a salad, try and work backwards and serve yourself your veggies, greens and salads first. Then add your protein and then your carbs. Ideally, half your plate should be filled with nutrient-dense vegetables and the other quarters with protein-rich foods such as beef, chicken or even tofu. Finish off your dinner plate with some healthy complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato or couscous. 

Dress To Impress

Of course, we don’t mean that you should dress like you’re going to a gala ball every night, but reports have shown that the way you dress can drastically impact your mood. So ditch staying at home in your PJ’s day after day and put on clothes that make you feel good and uplifted. Colors such as yellow and red have shown to make human beings feel happier. Considering a night out on the town to lift your spirits? Consider getting one of the one-of-a-kind custom made suits for your husband or boyfriend and a flattering tailored dress for yourself. 

Stock Up On Healthy Foods

It can be easy to mindlessly graze on biscuits, crisps and other junk food at homes, especially when you're bored. However, labeling foods as ‘green’ and ‘red’ can create feelings of guilt when you do indulge in your favorite sweet snack or savory goodie. Reconsidering how you label your food can actually serve as a natural way for you to feel better about your eating habits and lose weight if you need to. Consider what nourishment you would like to give your body and then choose accordingly, after all, no food is ‘bad’ or ‘good’ just some are healthier for you in the long run than others. Don’t turn down a slice of your kids birthday cake or a cold glass of wine on your dream date, just remember to consume everything in moderation! 

Look After Your Teeth 

Dental hygiene is important and can have a detrimental impact on your health if you don't keep on top of it. Be sure to visit your dentist a few times a year to make sure that your teeth stay in tip-top shape. In between visits make sure you brush twice a day, floss and don't forget the mouthwash! 

Hydrate Yourself 

The human body is mostly made up of water. This means that to ensure that we stay healthy and that our bodily functions work at their very best we need to ensure we’re hydrated. If you struggle to keep on top of your daily water quota, consider investing in a water bottle, that helps by telling you how much you should have drunk at certain points throughout the day. Before you know it you'll be getting your recommended amounts and see your skin, hair and nails looking fantastic. 

 Get Moving 

The word ‘exercise’ can strike fear into many peoples hearts. But getting your heart rate pumping and working up a sweat doesn't have to mean a mind-numbing hour on the treadmill. There are a variety of exercise classes such as ballet, Zumba, Pilates and even yoga that are great ways to get fit and healthy. If you truly enjoy something you're more likely to stick with it.