Single Moms Club

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to The Single Mom's Club! I was inspired to write this series for multiple reasons! The biggest being that I am a single mom and I have heard the outcry from so many of my single mom friends about the struggle of parenting alone or with little support.


It is my plan to make this a seven-part series to discuss the ups and downs of single parenthood. I figured I would sit down and really dive in to the topic. One blog post wouldn’t be enough. I’ve been a single parent for 9 years now! It is really hard to say that but it’s true.


Thank you for the outpour of support from Instagram and Facebook! Answering my questions allowed me to get great insights on how other moms feel.


Next week, we will start with Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club review and how it relates to real life.


I’m watching it RIGHT now! So if you have not seen it yet, you have one week to do so and we can chat!