The Ugly Truth: Postpartum Depression


For every woman motherhood is not some magical place. She’s not jumping over the moon with joy or smelling every flower she sees. She’s tired, sad, frustrated or down right confused! I’ve been there and trust me it isn’t easy.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 women who give birth globally experience postpartum depression. (Read more here)

I was a part of that 1 in 5 when I had Madelynn. The crazy part is I didn’t even know I had it. I was doing everything I could just to keep going. I had so many mixed emotions and I wasn’t attached to her like you would have expected a new mom to be. I did what I had to just to get through the day. I neglected myself and partner.

Upon finding out I was pregnant again, I was terrified. I wasn’t sure if I would have to go through this again. Lord knows I didn’t want to. I felt so conflicted and stressed myself out constantly. Studies say that women who have suffered from PPD before have a 50% chance of having it again. That did not ease my fears.

Thankfully, I’ve been doing well. I’m bonding with my baby and having the time of my life lol, outside of the sleepless nights and milk supply worries. It’s typical mom stuff.


If you feel like you could be experiencing postpartum depression don’t be afraid to seek help. When people ask is there anything they can do for you allow them to. You don’t have to be super woman all the time. We’re human! Your life will never be the same after having children. Embrace the change, know that you’re stronger because of it and most importantly BREATHE! They are only little for a while.


Staying Fly From Pregnancy to Motherhood | PinkBlush

PinkBlush kindly sent me this top – as always the opinions are my own!


Who wants to choose between style and comfort? I don’t! Most days you’ll catch me in some comfy pants and an oversized shirt. Especially now that pregnancy is over and I’m dealing with my new body and giving myself time to heal after a minor setback. However, I do know how to clean up rather nicely!

One of my FAVORITE things about PinkBlush is they know how to do motherhood style right! They truly take you from pregnancy and beyond and this top I picked out is no different. As most of you know, I have plans to nurse my little guy so anything I’m choosing to purchase these days has to meet those requirements: easy access to the milk! The shirt was designed to accommodate you before, during and after pregnancy.

Back View Top

I’ve chosen to pair this sweater with a tank top underneath. I love that it clings at the bottom as it won’t rise up when I bend over. The front opening is perfect for the times I have to breastfeed on the go. I can simply slide my t-shirt up and still have coverage on the sides as my stomach will not be exposed.

I’m wearing an XL. This shirt comes in sizes S-XL. The color does say beige but it’s more of a gray.

For my plus size mamas, you know I can’t forget about you. They also have this top just in a different color. Check it out here!

Looking to level up your spring wardrobe start now and check out their latest styles here!

Don’t forget, they aren’t just for mamas they carry baby and kids items too! Look here!


Pretty in Blue 💙💙💙

This dress was graciously gifted to me by Pink Blush and my opinions are my own!

We’re officially over the hump! We’re in the second trimester and past 20 weeks!!! Reality is finally settling in and Baby Middleton is preparing to make his arrival in January! I had the opportunity to bring you all another awesome collaboration from Pink Blush! This time I wanted to pick something that would pair perfectly for my maternity photo shoot!

Here is my style of choice the light blue maxi dress.

I know you’re probably thinking…that’s it? But yes, honey! This is it! First and foremost, its simple and beautiful! With an understated item like this YOU choose how to dress it up or down. This dress comes in a variety of colors but of course, I chose blue because this mama is having a BOY!!

The look I was going for was simple yet whimsical. I added a pair of light blue flats because you can’t really tell because of the length of the dress. (Which is a major plus!) I accessorized with simple baby blue and gold necklace/bracelet and earring set.

Color Options: 13

Sizes: S-XL and 1X-3X

Plus Sizes: Click Here

Straight Sizes: Click Here

What I LOVE about this dress is the material. I’m always leery of maxi dresses because if the material isn’t right it will hug me in the wrong place and this mama isn’t having that! I like a dress that flows with my body and shows off my curves but covers my flaws. This dress is a thick jersey/spandex like material and it does an excellent job at flattering my body type. It also has some support for my heavy chested ladies!

I can definitely see myself wearing this post pregnancy because I love it. That’s another great perk about Pink Blush, they make clothing that you’re able to wear during and after pregnancy so you don’t feel stuck with a bunch of maternity clothing. This color will be perfect in the Spring time as well.


As always, remember if my style isn’t on your radar check out some other trendy options that they have. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Maternity Dresses

Pink Blush Clothes

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Plus Size Barbie? | Barbie Fashionistas Dolls - Curvy

A few weeks ago Kaydence came home excited to tell me about the new dolls she had gotten while she was with her Nana.  “Mom, guess what?” “What” I replied. “I have plus size Barbies!” I was in shock and wasn’t quite sure how to respond but I had to see it. She knows I’m all about loving your body at every size!

I saw it and I was shook! These dolls are actually called Barbie Fashionistas – Curvy and honey let me tell you, these dolls have curves!

First and foremost, I always allow my daughters to pick the dolls of their choosing and really like for them to pick the ones that look like them. I’m all for representation, ya’ll! So I was extremely tickled. Even though this isn’t major, I’m excited to see things like this happening. I also know they have dolls that are disabled as well and I think this is awesome. We are all unique in our own way and deserve to be celebrated!


What are some toys you purchase for your children that make you proud?

Want to get your hands on of these for your child? Click here!

Price: $8.99 - $15.99

P.S. Christmas is right around the corner and this week ONLY Target has a toy sale! Spend $50 save $10 or spend $100 save $25! Week of October 7 - 13, 2018! Click here to shop online and pickup in store!

Diaper Bag Backpack


I feel like such the “cool mom” this diaper bag is everything people! I mean EVERYTHING! I didn’t know I needed a diaper bag backpack until now. First of all, it’s comfy! I’m not straining my shoulder to carry it around. I can imagine once I need to carry the car seat this will work wonders.


I love the idea that I can be hands free! This bag has so many compartments. I not only have stuff inside for the baby but myself as well with room to spare. I can also store a few things in for the girls as well.

I can’t wait to use it full time.


Not to mention how affordable it is! I went looking at diaper bags at Buy Buy Baby and OMG, they are expensive so I feel secure with my choice. This diaper bag comes in right under $30 I would actually pay more for it because it’s that good! Even dad likes it, he wants one for himself!

Want the exact one click here!


Not really a fan of the gray? Well you’re in luck while on my hunt I found a few other sellers that have this back pack in other colors. I can’t speak to the quality but the reviews seem great!


In my 10 years of parenting, what I know is that you want a durable diaper bag. One that’s leak proof and easy to carry. On a scale of 1 - 10 this diaper bag comes in at a 10 for me. I didn’t think I would ever be this excited to carry a backpack!


3 Reasons Why You Should Take Maternity Photos

Yay, you're pregnant and like the millions of other women out there you've looked at maternity photos. You can't help it! It's contagious. I'm sure you've searched cute bump photos on Instagram and you're just not sure if you want to do it. 

If you're looking for that push or voice of reason, it's me! Do it! I had photos taken with my oldest but not my now middle child and I regret not doing so. You don't have to spend a lot of money. If you can't afford a high-end photographer go to your local Sears or Picture People. 


So here are my 3 reasons I'm taking maternity photos!

1. I will only pregnant ONCE with this baby.

We've all heard what people say "the first baby gets everything" and omg, it's true. I did everything with my first child. We have to remember each child is special and they deserve their moment. When they look back in the photo books they want to see what you looked like pregnant with them. 

2. I'm embracing this new body.

This is baby #3 for me and you can imagine the changes that your body goes through when you're pregnant. Most women shy away from the camera but I want to be in front. I plan to show my belly instead of hiding it. Yep, I have stretch marks and all and I don't mind showing them. 

3. I want to!

It's really that simple. I don't have some philosophical speech about why I'm doing it, I just really want to. I'm in a different place in my life and I would love to document it. I was pregnant at 16, 21, and now 27. I am not the same and that should be showcased! 

Are you considering it? What's holding you back?.

Don't think you can afford it? We all know someone who takes good photos or wants to be an photographer. Be their muse and worst case senerio you'll still have a cute pic. 

The Perfect Baby Shower Dress

We all know baby showers have become a fashion show now. Like seriously, have you seen them? From the over the top flower walls to the King and Queen chairs - its a full on event. I'm not hating! However, I believe that moms to be want to be comfortable. You'll be hugging people, getting up and down to open gifts and you might want to partake in some dancing. So why feel restricted in your outfit?

Here are my top 5 picks for the dress that will do just that! 

Outfits by PinkBlush Maternity 

1. Mint Floral Mini

This dress is ADORABLE and gender neutral. I would totally wear this if I was having a girl and pair it with some ankle boots! 

Sizes: S - 3XL

Photo: PinkBlush

Photo: PinkBlush

2. Mauve Striped Ruffle Trim Midi

This dress is perfect for brunch baby shower. It's lightweight with a little stretch. Stripes are always nice it will help smooth you out if you have that concern. 

Colors: Black and Mauve

Sizes: S - L 

Photo: pinkblush

Photo: pinkblush

3. Blue Lace Mesh Dress

This is for my boy moms! OMG, I'm thinking about grabbing this one for myself! It's so pretty and sexy! I'm all for embracing this pregnant body! I can see it so don't be surprised if you see this dress again! 

Colors: Black, Blue, and Mauve

Sizes: S - 3X

photo: pinkblush

photo: pinkblush

4. Pleated Chiffon Plus Maternity Gown

This dress looks amazing. It has a stretching top for your growing girls and a beautiful pleated bottom that is SO ON TREND right now! It's simple and not to flashy.

Colors: Aqua, Pink, and Lavender 

Sizes: 1X -3X

photo: pinkblush

photo: pinkblush


5. Ruffle Trim Off the Shoulder Dress

Now this is for my moms to be who aren't afraid to show what your mama gave ya! It's cute and flirty. I would rock this for my shower if I knew it was going to a party! I would opt for a longer version for a day shower but that's just me. So honey, do you!

Colors: Magenta, Navy Blue, Red, and White

Sizes: S- XL 

photo: PinkBlush

photo: PinkBlush

6. Floral Wrap Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress

I have seen this dress on several ladies and it is STUNNING!!! No matter your shape or size this A-Line cut flatters!!! This dress gets brownie points because you can use it during pregnancy and after. The top perfectly unfolds to allow you to nurse your little one!

Colors: Pink and Blue

Sizes: S - 3X 


7. Cream Floral Paisley Wrap Dress

This dress can be for your baby shower or gender reveal and some people are having them the same day so BAM! 2 in 1 and you're good to go. I do love how pretty the pink and blue flow so well together. 

Sizes: S - XL


8. The Traditional Gown

We've all seen this dress but it never gets old. I think it's a classic really. From showers to photo shoots you can't go wrong with choosing it in pink or blue! 

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Magenta, Ivory, Navy Blue, and Pink

Sizes: S -3X


9. Chevron Mesh Overlay Dress

This dress is a great alternative to similar lace styles. Lace can snag pretty bad but the mesh is a great alternative.

Colors: Ivory, burgundy, navy blue, and olive green

Sizes: S - XL 

Photo: PinkBlush 

Photo: PinkBlush 

10. Ivory Floral Off Shoulder Maxi Dress 

I love the off the shoulder trend. It's classy and still modest. I love the grays and blues in this dress!

Size: S-XL 

Photo: PinkBlush

Photo: PinkBlush

I hope you've enjoyed my top picks for your baby shower. Whatever you wear make sure you're comfortable and HAPPY. That's the most imprortant thing.

Already had your shower? What did you wear? 

The Top 5 Things On My Baby Registry

This isn’t my first rodeo so I know exactly what I want for this baby. I have seen some new things since I last had a child but I’m trying to be extremely reasonable this time.

1. Travel System

chicco travel system.JPG


I had one for each of my children and they are a lifesaver! You will outgrow the car seat before the stroller but it’s worth it. I’ve always had a Graco one but this time I want to try a different brand as I’ve heard so many great things about the Chicco brand.


2.    Pack n’ Play


Yes, yes, and yes!!! This is a MUST. When a guest would come over I would have my baby in the Pack n’ Play. So they wouldn’t have to come in the room to visit with her. The older my kids got they were able to use it as a playpen. The best part about it is it’s transportable.


My girls enjoyed their swing! It was great but I will warn you it doesn’t last long. By 4 months you can give it up but it’s nice to have. After a bottle, I could sit them in their swing and off to sleepy town they’d go. I was able to get so much done. (For the first few weeks, sleep while they sleep but once you’re able to move around…do it!)

4. Bottles



Forgive me now, but yes, I’m one of those moms that’s particular about her baby’s bottle. With my last child, I used Tommee Tippie and that what I’m planning to use again. I have used Dr. Brown’s in the past but they are a headache to clean!


5. Pampers Swaddlers


I am also a Pampers snob when they are first born. The hospital typically gives those out when the baby is first born and I fell in love. After 6 months, I’m using any brand  I choose but when they are tiny Pampers is my only choice.


What are your must-haves for a new baby?


Bonus Items: I'm considering getting some of these things for my baby!


1. Bookbag Diaper Bag

I'm really digging this trend. I can see how easy it would be for mom or dad to use it. The first one was found on Amazon for under $40 while the other is a brand favorite SkipHop at Target. I don't think I will be taking the plunge and spending $100 on a diaper bag. 



skip hop greenwich.JPG

Lately, I've been finding really great things on Amazon! Check out these cute shoes here

Maternity Style : Shop Pink Blush

The natural state of
is unselfishness.


Bringing another life into this world is scary but exciting. For my previous pregnancies I've been sick and it reflected in my appearance. This go around I've been doing well...better than I expected. 

So, I plan to make it a big deal. This is the LAST baby and since I feel well enough to put on clothes, I will. I was so excited when Pink Blush reached out to me for this collaboration, I knew I couldn’t refuse.

summer 2019 collection.png
Purple Floral Delivery/Nursing Maternity Robe

A floral printed delivery/nursing maternity robe to make sure your visit during and aft... [More]

Price: $44.00

The goal of this company is to “provide the modern mother with affordable and on trend fashions for every transitions in her life – from maternity to motherhood and beyond.” I feel they have executed this precisely!


The first piece I selected was the maternity robe! How stinking cute is this? My favorite part about it is that it’s not your traditional robe. It has a tie on the inside to expand with your growing belly as well to keep you covered if you decide to nurse. I want something that I’m comfortable enough to walk around the house in when we have guest over and this is perfect. It’s light weight with a thick cotton.

Sizes Available: 1X, 2X, 3X

Style Pictured: Purple Floral Crochet Trim Plus Delivery/Nursing Maternity Robe



The next piece I choose was a fall floral maxi dress! I can’t wait until fall and fingers crossed it will be here soon! As most of you know, I’ve been stepping outside of my comfort zone lately and trying some color! This dress caught my eye and I knew I couldn’t pass it up! I love the hints of light blue (as I’m praying for a boy, lol) and burgundy as they work so well together.

The dress provides great stretch. I can see this working well later into my pregnancy as well. The top is roomy for my bustier girls. I felt extremely confident and comfortable. The dress hit at a pretty good length I paired my dress with flat sandals but a bootie will be perfect as the cooler weather comes.

Sizes Available: 1X, 2X, 3X

Style Pictured: Navy Blue Floral Print Sash Tie Maternity Plus Maxi Dress


Navy Blue Floral Print Sash Tie Maternity ...

Feel comfortable in this sleek and flattering floral print sash tie maxi dress. The tex... [More]

Price: $68.00

I hope you have enjoy these looks brought to you by Pink Blush! Make sure you check out their latest fashions online. ALSO, if you're looking for a cute baby shower dress check here!




P.S. Not a mom? They have something for you too, check out their other stylish fashions HERE


Moms to be...are you looking for the perfect dress??

Hi Mom!

I know the struggle can be real and with all of the fabulousness of maternity photos these days you want these images to be perfect and what a better way to do that than to start with the basics! Dress comes first - they are easy and most likely you're going to be taking these photos somewhere between 25-35 weeks so you will start feeling some discomfort. Make it easy on yourself!

Let me show you my top 5 picks for dresses!!! I hope I have something for everyone if given the chance to do this again I'm opting to bare my belly! I have never had a maternity photoshoot before. Well, I took some photos with my first but they were NOTHING to brag about. 

Keep an open mind and remember any maxi dress can be turned maternity if it has the right hem...above the belly. So you can get a 2 for 1 deal there! 

What to wear_.png

1. Open Belly - Long Sleeved Dress

I'm not sure of the exact dress the lady is wearing pictured below but I found you some great options and I read the reviews! Option 1 and Option 2 


2. Strapless 

Option 1 or Option 2 or Option 3


3. Fitted Maternity Gown

Option 1 Option 2  or Option 3


Photo By:  Jessica Legacy

Photo By: Jessica Legacy

4. Pink and Blue Floral 

This dress is available in plus! I found a similar one in regular S-XL here.



5. Maxi Dresses

blue maxi.JPG


Double Duty - These can be worn at your baby shower, gender reveal, or photo shoot. This is if you don't want to want to do the formal type of dress. This dress comes in 5 colors: navy, black, olive, pink and red wine! 

Here are a few more options worth mentioning here and here.

Have you taken maternity photos before? Do you plan on it? Try something cute and sassy for next shoot and be sure to let me know what you wore!