New Bae or Nah?

What’s up guys? I know it’s been forever and a day but this topic has been burning a hole in my brain. Can you heal yourself with someone? My answer is no. I’ve had this debate quite a few times but I feel that in order to better yourself you need to heal alone. Take time to find yourself. ESPECIALLY, after getting out of a relationship. Some people believe the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. That may work for some but it’s not always a good practice.

A few years ago, I experienced my first heartbreak, well adult heartbreak…it was rough. One thing I realized was that I didn’t love myself as much as I should have. I started dating maybe 5 months afterwards and I quickly realized that was not a good idea. I was NOT ready. I still had more growing to do…more selflove to learn.

So, if you’re anything like me, take the time to heal. Become a better you, fall in love with yourself and when the right one comes along you’ll be ready.

What are your thoughts on healing after a breakup?