Size Healthy

Sometimes it feels like weight loss and I don't mix. I can lose weight but it's about me remaining consistent and that's the hard part. It's not that I don't want it, it's just that when life gets in my way my healthy lifestyle suffers.

However, I'm learning to take a new lease on life. I'm doing what I can to live a better life mentally and spiritually, in return I'm sure the weight will fall off. 

So right now, I'm size healthy! 


Where did I go?

My workout plan has been somewhat nonexistent lately. I have been doing my best to keep moving forward but my body has been fighting against me. When I noticed this shift I knew I had to proceed differently. I took some time to reevaluate everything in my life and determine the cause of this slump. It was simple: STRESS and LIFE CHANGES. As an individual who has battled bouts of depression for most of their adult life, you know when it hits. And at times it is so unexpected!!! Everything in my life is going great. I have NOTHING to complain about (Thank you JESUS!!!) and it still managed to creep up on me. I had to realize that I am human! The important thing is not where you are but dealing with it. Pause. Take a moment to figure out what’s happening, what you need to adjust, make a plan and set it into action. And never feel afraid to reach out for help. Find safe people in your life who won’t judge you but instead offer you a haven of positivity and comfort. Thank goodness, I found my person to help me through those tough times. 

I am so proud to say that today, I worked out. I did it! Maybe it was not as intense as it could have been but the point is to never quit trying. Weightloss is different for everyone. I’m not trying to be on a fad diet. I want to change my life one bite at a time. 




Getting Started

As 2016 came to a close, I found my myself longing for something different for me and my girls - a healthier life.  I was 25, weighing 220lbs, so I thought, better yet I knew, it would be a great idea to START working out. I know everyone has that New Year's resolution to "get fit" and I was no exception. I even pigged out all of December in preparation for my 'new' life.

January arrived before I knew it and reality set in. Man, listen. This crap is hard! I kept thinking I could still be sexy and chunky and let me tell you, the two canNOT coincide. I had to have a come to Jesus meeting with myself. "Is this REALLY what you want?" I had to commit and realize I DESERVE this! The process can't be quick. I accepted it would be a complete and total lifestyle change. January was full of trial and error. It took the entire month to get out of this funk and really put my mind and body to work. So be encouraged! If I can do this, and so can you!