Must Haves for New Baby

Natalie baby room

As most of you know, this isn’t my first rodeo but if you’re new here welcome! So, my approach with this baby is buying the essentials without over doing it. Children are expensive and being that I have two already I wanted to make sure that I didn’t fall into the trap of purchasing things we don’t need just because its cute. Now by all means, if you want your baby to have everything under the sun be my guest! Shop away but for my budget conscious mamas this list is for you!

Below are my top 10 must have items!

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1.       Breastfeeding Pillow

boppy pillow.jpg

My pillow of choice is the Boppy Nursing Pillow, I’ve had one with both of my children and it was a life saver even after I stopped breastfeeding. I personally had a c-section with both of my girls and needing a little assistance while trying to nurse was necessary! The Boppy allows you to relax. I remember being on the couch and could prop my little one on the pillow and be completely hands free except for the occasional need to latch again.

2.       DockaTot

oh joy dockatot.jpg

Now this is a newbie to my list! I’ve heard so many great things about it and I had to see if the hype was true. From the reviews, it’s living up to its name. (I will do a full review once little man arrives) If you’re like me, and you wonder how this item could change your life. So far, I’m a believer! It’s handmade to perfection it feels like the perfect mattress for baby. it’s not too firm and provides a cozy space for baby. This is a great alternative to your traditional co-sleeper/lounger. I recommend using it for nap time as adult supervision is required while child is in it. It’s handmade and sturdy it also provides a safety latch. As your baby grows you’re able to release the latch to allow for leg room. They offer two size options the DockaTot Deluxe (0-8 months old) and DockaTot Grand (9-36 months old). The dockatot comes perfectly packaged! It was delivered in a cardboard box with a plastic seal.

3.       Crib (Pack n’ Play)

graco pack n play.jpg

I have both but I think it really depends on what you’re using it for. The Pack n’ Play is great for the first few months of life. Most can hold a baby until 20 lbs in the basinet portion and once they are older you can remove it and use the bottom portion for play time. I’ve always found my Pack n’ Play to be helpful when I would have guest. I preferred to keep people out of baby’s room so this allowed them to still visit without being in their space. The crib is a must and if you find one that’s transitional you’re winning! You can expect to pay more for a crib and everything that comes along with it. You’re going to need the crib itself ranging anywhere from $125-500, crib mattress, sheets and bedding. I personally hunted down deals on my crib. I got one off the sales floor for $80 (already put together), crib mattress for $50 and bedding from Target for $65.

4.       Clothing

gerber sleeper.jpg

You don’t need to go overboard with the clothes. Depending on the time of year baby is born you’ll want thicker material items but as a general rule of thumb 5-8 onesies, socks, 4 sleepers/all in ones will do the trick!

5.       Travel System

graco travel system.jpg

Travel systems are a life saver! Trust me, you need one. I feel you’re getting steal when you get one. I know some will disagree and go straight for the convertible car seat – which is fine BUT that car seat will not be going in the store with you! I personally have the Graco FastAction Fold which I have yet to test except for around the house and it’s a beast! I love the 360 wheel turn options! I’ve had a travel system with both of my girls and it has worked wonders. Unsnap the car seat for quick trips like the grocery store, doctor’s visit, or church. Then take your travel system for extended trips like the mall, park, or family outing.

6.       Bottles


You’re going to need bottles, unless of course you’re exclusively breast feeding. My goal is to breastfeed but dad and my girls would like to help as well so I’m opting to do both. I will pump and store it in a bottle to allow them to participate in feedings. Now which bottle you choose is completely up to you. There are many great choices and I’ve used a few: Dr. Brown’s, Avent, and Tommie Tippie. Tommie Tippie being my favorite.

7.       Diaper/Wipes


Now, you all know I like to keep it real with you. I’ve always been a Pampers mom especially in the beginning – my hospital gives them out and they look adorable on those sweet little newborns but what I also know is that there are different strokes for different folks. Try out different diapers and see what works for your little one. The same applies to wipes. As a newborn, babies do not need fragrance no matter what you may think. Their skin is delicate so avoid it at all cost, once they’re older you can branch out.

8.       Bouncer


I’ve always loved a good bouncer but they don’t always last that long especially if you little one is growing like a champ. I decided I would try the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker. What I’m loving most about this is that it will be useful for more than one age. The reviews have been pretty positive and working in childcare previously I have a little experience using them.

9.       Diaper bag

diaper bag.jpg

There are literally hundreds of choices for diaper bags but I believe in having a bag that functions well. This go around I chose to use a diaper bag backpack simply because of the convenience and I’ve heard so many great things about how easy it is to manage with a new baby. For the bag pictured above click here.

10.    Blankets


You’re going to need them no matter what the temperature. Baby is not use to being outside of the womb and their body has to regulate so you’re going to always need to carry a blanket with you.

I hope you find this list helpful when you’re shopping for your new little one of giving a gift!

Black Friday Sale with PinkBlush


Mama’s this one is for you! Thanks to PinkBlush I’m bringing you some Holiday Deals!!! All opinions are completely my own - as always!

Have you been wanting to update that wardrobe but you haven’t been sure how to do so or don’t think you can afford it? SURPRISE! You’re in luck! I’m always being complimented on how nice my clothing from PinkBlush is and now you’ll get the opportunity to have some, IF you shop the sale!!!


Below are some items that I’ve been able to select that are apart of the sale. Make sure you head over to their site to see what awesome deals you can catch! What I love most about PinkBlush is they are totally keeping me trendy for pregnancy and beyond. Once you become a mom you feel like you lose some of your hotness but NO MA’AM! I will defiantly be able to keep it hot!

Outfit 1: Light Blue Solid Delivery/Nursing Robe

This item is apart of their Holi-Deals*


Ladies, I had to grab this robe! I own another one of their robes and I’m in LOVE! It’s comfy and light. This is not your grandmother’s robe! I love that I will be able to nurse my little one with my robe on due to the tie on the inside. You will want this in your collection and it’s a super low price Black Friday thru Cyber Monday!

Sizes: 1X - 3X

Light Blue Maternity Robe.jpg

Outfit 2: Ruffle Trim Puff Sleeve Maternity Dress

Red Puff sleeve dress

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’m a “maxi girl” I LOVE a good maxi dress but I decided to do something a little different and opt for a short dress. You can still look fabulous and show a little skin! The color I’m wearing is no longer available but it is available in black, mauve, and royal blue!

I will definitely be rocking this to some holiday parties this year! You don’t have to opt for a long dress in the winter. Pair the dress with tights and you’re good to go! I also added a faux fur vest to give the outfit an extra flare.


Sizes Available: S-XL

Non-maternity option: Burgundy Sequin Sleeveless V Neck Evening Gown

Outfit 3: Blue Plus Maternity Sweater Top

Blue PinkBlush Sweater

I can appreciate a cozy oversize sweater! This is perfect for going out and lounging around the house! I’ve paired this top a pair of jeggings and was pleased! The further along in the pregnancy I’m getting the more I want comfort! The neckline of the shirt is versatile. It’s open, I opted to wear it slightly off the shoulder - completely optional! I also love that it’s long enough to almost completely cover my hips! I can avoid tugging at my shirt constantly!

Sizes: 1X - 3X

Non-maternity option: Light Blue Cowl Neck Striped Accent Terry Top

If you’re anything like me, you’re planning your deals for Black Friday, that’s why I wanted to give it to you early so you’re ready! Remember you deserve something nice this holiday season as well! Everything will be up to 60% off! Be sure you use the CODE: BLACKFRIDAY

P.S. Stay tuned to my Instagram this week I will be doing a giveaway with PinkBlush just in time for your holiday shopping!

How I'm handing being Plus Size and Pregnant

Photo by: Denise Benson Photography 

Photo by: Denise Benson Photography 

Being a plus sized woman in America is hard especially when you see women paraded on television that look nothing like you. Even the plus size models have a particular shape. It’s usually the coke bottle, pear shape and ya girl here doesn’t have it! I’ve struggled to fit into the typical plus size world because I’m not super curvy and I would get dirty looks shopping in plus sizes stores. On more than one occasion the sales associate told me she thought I was lost. 😒

I’ve been plus sized for most of my life. It didn’t really hit me that being plus sized and pregnant mattered…not until I got my paperwork at check from my doctor. They gave me a cute little sheet that had my weight, height, how much I have loss or gained (I lost weight by the way) and my BMI. IT WAS 34! I’m considered obese. My doctor hasn’t harped on me about losing but she has encouraged me to move – start walking for 5 minutes a day just to get the blood flowing. And honestly, I’m not mad. She has treated me like a human – which is all I want. I know I weigh more than I should but I don't need to be reminded of that every time I go to the doctor.

What being plus size and pregnant means to me is still being able to be fabulous and pregnant? I can do any and everything every other woman can do. I WILL take those maternity photos. I WILL share my growing belly. I WILL give in to my cravings and I will enjoy this pregnancy!


I believe pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time. I'm determined to do that. I move when my body says move and I rest when my body tells me to. Understanding what's best for you and baby is the best thing you can do while pregnant!

What are or were your biggest fears during pregnancy?


Goodbye 1st Trimester

Baby Bump in full effect!  Swimsuit can be found  here !   Photo by: denise benson photography 

Baby Bump in full effect!  Swimsuit can be found here

Photo by: denise benson photography 

Hi Friends,

I’ve been struggling to write this post…not because I didn’t want to but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to say. Not to mention, I’ve been exhausted…my lower back and hips hurt and I’m not even halfway through yet. I had to come to terms with having another baby. (Totally not a part of the plan) I believe my partner and I both knew we just didn’t want to face the truth but reality would quickly slap us in the face.

I remember that weekend like it was yesterday. I went to brush my teeth and started gagging. He immediately popped out of bed and threatened to go to Walmart to get a pregnancy test. I was completely opposed to the idea because I’d been spotting for days, plus I have PCOS so there was no way I could be pregnant.  When I look back on that moment now...I wish I did allow him to go get the test and I wouldn’t have found out alone…

Instead, I went home but something just didn’t seem right about this drive. My spirit would not settle. I felt so uneasy and kept replaying his comments in my head. Mind you…I was 45 days late but in my defense sprinkles of blood appeared. Something told me to go get a test. What was the worst that could happen? Besides it confirming what we already knew but on the bright side if it was negative I would never have to mention it. Life would return to normal.


I sat on the toilet and peed. (TMI) I set the timer on my phone for 3 minutes and waited but I notice something. The test looked funny it changed colors so fast and I instantly placed my head in my hands because those 3 minutes were not up. These were the LONGEST 3 minutes of my life! I was in complete an utter shock. I just knew this test was wrong. Thank goodness I bought 2. The joke was on me, they were both positive. I video chatted him and he was half asleep. Of course, with all of my theatrics, he was awake QUICKLY. Once he came to, I placed the pregnancy test in front of the camera and he gave this weird, devilish smile that he does often when he comes up with some awesome plan. He was excited! We didn’t speak it was that silence where no one knows what to say but it’s perfect. And because I needed words I broke the silence and asked: “so what are we gonna do?” He laughed and responded, “keep it.” I couldn’t speak. I wasn’t upset or anything…it’s just I have never had this experience before. Finding out I was pregnant in the past has always been so traumatic. This time it was normal…I felt normal.


My honey was happy – like extremely happy so how could I not be? We decided to keep this little news to ourselves until we found out a due date and if the pregnancy was viable. The appointment came and my little peanut was there! Hearing the heartbeat brought tears to my eyes. I was in complete disbelief – somehow I thought this was all a dream and when we went for the ultrasound that nothing would be there…

I met my doctor and she was as sweet as pie but brutally honest. I’ve always had a dream of giving birth at home in a pool. She chuckled and said, “ain’t gonna happen.” (I’ve had two previous caesareans and the risk are too high.)

The first trimester has FLOWN by. I’m 14 weeks into this thing and it’s had its ups and down. Many nights I’ve cried unsure if this is really what I wanted at 27 years old with two school-age children. Then I was reminded that there are so many women with my condition (PCOS) that could only dream of this moment and here I am complaining. Life is short but this will be the last one! (tubes will be tied)

My morning sickness has finally calmed down, our 12-week scan went beautifully and outside of my constant back pain I’m okay. I’m counting it all joy!

Any other moms to be out there? Let me know how you're feeling!