Book Review: #LunchboxChronicles Raising A Conscious Black Boy In America


“It’s amazing that while we may be parents, our children help us fully grow up. While I mold him, he molds me right back in return.” Tai Hall

When I was initially contacted about the book #LunchboxChronicles Raising a Conscious Black Boy in America – I was wondering how this could apply to me…I have daughters. Then it hit me – I have nephews, cousins, and friends with sons. How could I not want to be aware of the problems they face in America every day?

First things first, I must admit, like most people a cover will catch my attention this one was no different. I like that what she chooses to include in her son's lunch box. It's real life things that our babies carry with them every day. You have an apple, banana, water, chips, a noose, a gun, and a bloody badge. It’s unfortunate that this is what life has come to but we really aren’t free.

Secondly, Hall gets cool points for hashtags! We are totally Millennial Moms. We live for a good hashtag and how she turned something so simple as her daily struggle with her son forgetting his lunchbox into a life lesson is amazing.

Without giving too much detail because I want you to read the book. I realized one VERY important thing. We are so much alike. The fears she has of raising her son are the same fears I have with raising my girls. You always wonder if you’re doing it right- even when you have no clue yourself. Our children find us imperfectly perfect and that’s the best we could ever ask for.

 I have laughed and cried with this book. Life has been put into perspective for and I love a book that can do it. We all need to read something that makes us want to do and be better.

I highly recommend you check this book out you won't be disappointed. You can find it here

Food for thought: Are you raising self aware children? Do they understand that life really isn't fair? What disscussions are you having around your dinner table?

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Tai Hall is a multiple business owner and philanthropist Maryland native who dedicates her life to improving the quality of lives of others. Tai became an International Massage Therapist, best selling author, and owner of the largest underground dispensary in the DMV— THC Legacy established in 2017. She is versed on healing the body, holding a Bachelors in Neuromolecular Biomechanics, a Masters in Healthcare, & has traveled the world perfecting her craft. Spending several years as the team therapist at UMD-CO of Maryland in College Park, she had since moved on to open two successful in-office massage studios